The Start Looms

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It was a cold a rainy night, ha ha ha, it was actually but we haven't got there yet - read on.  It was Tuesday the 16th June and at last we drove out of Cape Town, Darren, Giles, Amy and Jon and hard as it was to believe after our frustrating delay - we were on our way.  A late afternoon start saw us arriving in Clanwilliam as it got dark, which meant that we pitched our tents in the dark, and yes, pouring rain, at the Bulshoek dam campsite - nothing like being thrown in the deep end for our first camping experience. (more…)


New poaching threat to SA elephants

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It’s only a matter of time before poachers turn their guns on South Africa’s large elephant population after they decimate thousands of the majestic animals in other parts of the continent. (more…)