Another Superstar – support vehicle driver, energy bunny, social media, and home school teacher

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In my last post I mentioned 2 of our 3 man support crew and superstars Blake and Julia. Today it’s the turn of the third person, equally important, and again without whom this expedition would not have been possible from day one.
By default Amy became the driver of the support vehicle. Every day spending 4 to 5 to 6 or more hours sitting in the vehicle, driving along beside us at times, or ahead and waiting. Being there at the right spot at the right time; ferrying us to and from starting points and the campsite, and being there to provide us with water, nutrition, breakfast. Many times this involved driving through difficult terrain, towing a trailer behind, slogging along doing 20 kph, in the cold of the morning and the heat of the day … always there, 5 to 6 hours a day – I think you get the picture of how hard and tiring this must be.
But that’s not all – Amy is the energy bunny of the expedition team. She is full of laughter and jokes and smiles and energy, something that is sadly, but understandably, lacking from myself and my running partner, we can barely raise our heads at the end of the day let alone a smile.
But wait, there’s more – Amy also is doing home schooling for young 11 year old Giles. Every day, either in the support vehicle whilst waiting for us runners, or afterwards at the campsite, Amy takes Giles through his school work that he has do to.
And, when there’s wifi at a campsite, guess who posts the updates and picture albums to Facebook, you guessed it, Amy!
To say that she is indispensable to the expedition and that we would not have completed one single day of this expedition without her is the understatement of the year!

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