Expedition Manager and Camp Site Wizards

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I’m sure that when most people think about what we’re doing out here their thoughts will centre around long hard days of running, how the body copes with doing this every day, what the weather is like, the landscape and scenery, how much and what kind of food we’re eating, pitching and striking camp, what the evenings around the camp fire are like, sleeping in tents …

Many people will also think about why someone would want to endure such hardship, and the cause for which it is being done – elephant conservation and water sustainability.

In my previous posts I’ve mentioned some of the amazing support that we’ve received from companies, lodges, camp sites, and the people associated with these.

Now let me, in this post and the next, sing the praises of 3 people without whom this expedition would have faltered on day one – our support crew. Blake is the expedition manager and together with his girlfriend Julia they have been absolute wizards at finding us camping spots. And whilst it is very nice to be at a formal camp site with ablutions, electricity, and wifi, nothing beats the amazing spots that Blake has found for us alongside the road. We have a good laugh every time he finds a new one because we’re always saying: “OK, now this is the best camping spot we’ve stayed at!”

Then there’s the food. Where Blake and Julia find these items out here in the bush; and the recipes that they use; the incredible lunches that they put on for us with 3 or 4 choices as well as the suppers … it’s simply unbelievable. People who know me will smile when I say this but it’s the absolute truth – I have never eaten so well nor enjoyed my food so much in my entire life.

Thanks Blake and Julia, you really are Wizards … and next post it’s the turn of another superstar, Amy.


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