Amazing supporters along the way

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I’ve given brief mention before to those few stalwarts who gave us sponsorship and special discounts to support our cause and get us on our way. It’s about time that I make mention all the support that we’ve received along the route.

But firstly, what has been quite surprising to me is two things – that I have become chief negotiator for discounts and support for the team whenever we arrive at a camping site and I have yet to be disappointed, and also, which definitely lead to my becoming the chief negotiator, that across the whole of Namibia every conversation I had was in Afrikaans. Yes, I’m the only person in our team that can speak Afrikaans.

From a free meal, to half price, to a free night and no charge for Giles, and then the two big one’s being the Okavango Riverside Lodge in Maun where we stayed for 5 nights free, and even bigger the Transfrontier Parks Destinations who are not only giving us free camping, and nights in their lodges if beds are available, along their amazing African Ivory Route but they are also planning every kilometre of our route from Botswana through to the end of Mozambique, with one of their guides currently driving it in a vehicle to check terrain and distances – how amazing is that.

A massive thank you to TFPD (Southern Africa), Okavango Riverside Lodge (Maun), Tati River Lodge (Francistown), Nata Lodge, Planet Baobab (Gweta), Tsumkwe Country Lodge, Roy’s Rest Camp, Peace Garden Lodge (Grootfontein), Zum Potjie (Otavi), Etotongwe (Outjo), Chris and Annette Reed who had us round for dinner in Maun, and the very latest my friend Antony Alexander, an old hockey buddy, who has given us permission and is also sponsoring us to run across the Limpopo National Park.


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