Proving a Point – Water and Elephants Nowhere

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At first I was quite disappointed that we were seeing so little wildlife, although to a certain degree this could be expected in the proximity of the odd tar road that we were running along, and were having so few opportunities to do a Mini SASS (Stream Assessment Scoring System). We have run slightly more than 1,760km across Africa, only a few hundred km short of the entire widths of Namibia and Botswana, and we have seen elephants once, only 4 of them, and crossed only 2 rivers with flowing water.

And then I realised that this fact was precisely proving the point of us being out here and doing this – is there a problem with elephant conservation? Clearly, otherwise we’d be seeing herds of them. Does Southern Africa have a problem with water resources? Absolutely, only 2 flowing rivers across 2 whole countries.

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