Keeping it Close … because of the lions

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Here’s a sight that doesn’t happen too often during the expedition, Darren and I running together.  Our usual pattern is for each of us to run at our own comfortable pace.  Mine hovers somewhere between 5.30 per km and below 6, whereas Darren is much faster and has even run at 4min per k.  But, we were running in a reserve with known lion presence, close to Gweta, confirmed when we set up our campsite for the evening in a laybye and there were fresh lion tracks from the evening before.  Made for interesting toilet procedures during the dark hours.  The next days run we ran past a tree festooned with vultures, and others circling in the sky.  We later found out we’d been within about 50 metres of a lion kill, no wonder the zebra were fairly relaxed and allowed us to get quite close.

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