A Trip to The Makgadikgadi Pans

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On our two day trip to the pans enough happened to write at least a chapter of a book. We ran each day for the 2 days we were there across the pans and through the bush and dirt roads and trails, the pans are not continuous everywhere; drove 40 odd km to get there on the 1st day, getting lost along the way and then ran along the wrong road. The 2nd day’s planned early start began with an apparition (Mikhael Weihner) arriving at our camp at 06h30, he’d been walking for hours, his vehicle was stuck. It took the team the next 4 hours to sort this out, during which time another vehicle arrived at our camp with leaking oil and steering problems, it was actually leaking power steering fluid. We ran during the heat of the day, then drove another 35km to LeKubu, trailer towing nuts sheared off during the very bad and bumpy road, went through a foot and mouth disease check point where the only question asked was, “do you have any headache pills”, pitched tent at dusk, got ripped off by the official there for camping fees three times the advertised value. Next day was a rest day 5 hours of which was spent in the vehicle driving over 100km on an even worse road at 20 kph to Nata Lodge and getting everyone and everything totally covered in fine powdery dust. All in all and exceptionally tiring excursion.

Was it all worth it you might ask – definitely!

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