Leaving Namibia, 1 000km mark and the Nyae Nyae

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We’re camping at a place called Tsumkwe – 52km from the Botswana border. Today we ran to 15km short of Tsumkwe, tomorrow we will be at least 20km past, which means that on Thursday we reach the border and we have run across the whole of Namibia.

When we run tomorrow we will be running through the town of Tsumkwe – we chatted to the Principal of the junior school here and in the morning Giles will be going to the school to speak to the whole school, and when we run past all the pupils will be coming out to run with us – the Principal even suggested that they could run the entire 35km with us!

We’re planning on having a rest day on Friday, so this week will be a shorter running week as a bit of a celebration.

Right now we have already run 822km and by the time we reach the border we will have done 890km.

From there we will be slightly more than 2 weeks of running away from Maun where we will be having a double rest day in celebration of having passed the 1,000km running mark.

The running is going well – every day is different and every day we feel different, sometimes quite good, other times indifferent (more of the same), and at other times flat and with no energy.

The road has again been all dirt road with its corrugations, camber and sandy bits, requiring us to constantly change our running track.

For example – right now I’m feeling good and full of energy and I’ve almost totally recovered from this morning’s 35km run – but I ran slower than yesterday.

Yesterday, I ran at somewhere between 5min 15sec and 5min 30sec per km and was feeling great at the breakfast point just beyond 24km.  Then my body shut down and I was tired and drained for the rest of the day.  This is the nature of our days and energy levels as we make our way along.

We received another great sponsorship from the manageress, Elaine of the Tsumkwe Country Lodge.  When I told her what we were doing and why she was so impressed and discounted our rate with Giles at half price.

On Thursday we move camp again to a community campsite within the Nyae Nyae reserve where there is a pan full of water and elephants come there every night to drink; we will be there for 2 nights, and then we move through the border post at Dobe into Botswana.

It is interesting that we have run across the entire width of Namibia and at our very last campsite and day of running we will find water and see elephants for the very first time!

Darren and I have realised that after a little bit of initial weight loss we’ve pretty much stabilised and we’re not losing any more weight.  To be honest I don’t feel as if I’ve lost any, but then I am eating like a complete pig – today’s lunch was two bowls of mash and baked beans followed by a bowl of mince, then tea and biscuits … and I ain’t finished yet.

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