Gratitude and milestones

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At the end of 3 weeks of running my thoughts are filled with 3 subjects: firstly and naturally the wear and tear on my body, we’re still in “training” mode and having started our first week of running with a massive jump in intensity the aches and pains and niggles are still very evident. It is said that the body can cope easily with a 10% increase; we went from somewhere between 10 and 20km per week to 120km, just a tad more than 10%. By the end of week 3 we have settled into doing over 200km per week which we manage by some constant and careful management of our niggles and running routine.

Achieving the milestones that we have achieved so far, the second thought, also helps us to overlook the pain and discomfort. We’re running over 200km per week; we’ve moved past the halfway mark across Namibia; we’ve passed the 500km of running mark, and all of this whilst constantly running into a head wind (and the rising sun), plus we’ve climbed to an altitude of 1,670 metres above sea level … did I mention the roads, either uneven dirt roads or narrow tar roads where we’re dodging trucks half the time, especially the road from Otavi to Grootfontein.


My third thought though is by far the most prevalent – there is so much to be thankful for. There are a pile of people out there who are following us, sending us messages, donating to our cause, doing work behind the scenes to keep the communication momentum going, not to mention our support crew of Amy, Blake, Julia and even Giles who chips in to help us thirsty and weary runners. And apart from these, let me mention some specifics that are proving to be a massive bonus to us …


Running along in our ASICS shoes with comfort, no bruises from the sharp stones, and no blisters – thanks for the help with the shoes Brian Kerby. We were sponsored with various items by HI-TEC and most significant of these is the boots which are total winners with everyone around our camping sites – thanks for this sponsorship Mickey Mallett. Often looking like twins Darren and I set out every day in our First Ascent running kit with the compression socks being invaluable – thanks for the support with all this kit to Mike Moran. Every day out there in the sun for nearly 5 hours and not one bit of sunburn to show for it – huge thanks for the Daylong sunscreen to Sylwia Kazanowska from Galderma. Again, with the sun and heat being a huge factor, and shade being in short supply, the amazing gazebo from Swift Displays is also proving to be a huge bonus – big thanks to Tony van den Bout.

And separate and special mention to my daughter Kim, all my blogs, pictures, running map updates, and newsletters are all being done for me by Kim. She fixes and corrects all the problems I encounter with technology, and edits for me – huge thanks a love my superstar and Angel.

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