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On Wednesday the 11th June 2008 the idea of this expedition was born.

Today is Saturday the 20th June 2015, 7 years and 9 days later and we have started the run!

So much has happened, so much planning has gone into this event, and here we are with a super little team and we have started this epic journey.

As I write this we sit at our campsite, slightly fatigued and sore Darren and I having had our first run, but as I can see is the case with the rest of the team, we are all hugely excited. There are broad grins all round and everyone has a feeling of being part of a huge and extremely important event.

Running 3,500 km across the continent to raise awareness to the world, particularly to the children through our eleven year old team member Giles Clarke, about water sustainability and elephant conservation. The team feels very proud of itself and rightly so.

A rather gentle and poignant start to the 20° South Run was the placing by Giles of his first stone in honour of his mother Tassie, who sadly passed away a few months ago and who was helping us plan the route for the run. These stones will be placed all the way across Africa in remembrance of her, and to help people find their way.

Strangely perhaps, but not surprisingly, the placing of the first stone added to the excitement and growing sense of the enormity of what we were all about to undertake. And now the first day and the first few kilometres are behind us – and onwards we go!

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