The Start Looms

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It was a cold a rainy night, ha ha ha, it was actually but we haven’t got there yet – read on.  It was Tuesday the 16th June and at last we drove out of Cape Town, Darren, Giles, Amy and Jon and hard as it was to believe after our frustrating delay – we were on our way.  A late afternoon start saw us arriving in Clanwilliam as it got dark, which meant that we pitched our tents in the dark, and yes, pouring rain, at the Bulshoek dam campsite – nothing like being thrown in the deep end for our first camping experience.

Wednesday the 17th saw us having another late start from Clanwilliam after having a number plate made for the trailer.  We drove all the way through to Keetmanshoop, a really long drive, which saw us all pretty tired, especially Darren who did all the driving.  We stayed the night, all four of us in a 5-bed dormitory, at the Maritz Guest Lodge.

What we thought to be a reasonably early start the next morning, Thursday the 18th, was not so early after all when we remembered the time difference and set our watches back an hour.  Another long drive saw us on the road nearly all day and we coasted into Swakopmund in the dark and heavy, rain-like, mist at 18h45.  Another slightly wet setting up of tents, and in the dark again, but this time we had the help of the rest of our team – the wonderful couple of Blake a Julia had been waiting very paitently for us to get out of the starting blocks and leave Cape Town, having arrived weeks earlier from Harare in their vehicle.

Friday the 19th was a planning day – it’s amazing how much planning is required, and you only realise this when you get down to it and start getting into the finer detail.  With the assistance of our highly experienced expedition manager, and his very organised partner, Julia, we ended up all pretty chuffed with our first, two-week plan.

The rest of the day was spend re-organising and repacking the two trailers and vehicles, buying the very necessary, and not easily found for most of our trip, wood, fuel, food, and water.

The general state of affairs in the team is of great excitement – WE START RUNNING TOMORROW!!!

Keep reading our blog for updates, as well as our Facebook page, and you can map our progress on the website as well.

Everyone's Input Is Welcome

Everyone’s Input Is Welcome

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